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Jané Group headquarters is located in Barcelona (the 10th-most-visited city in the world and the third most visited in Europe after London and Paris, with several million tourists every year, Barcelona is ranked the most popular city to visit in Spain) and it dates back to 1932.

Jané Group has his own Design offices also based in Barcelona and Stuttgart, integrating a multidisciplinary team of Industrial, graphic and fashion designers, engineers, mechanics, etc.

Being one of the world’s leading car seat safety, pushchairs, and baby products, the Group operates in more than 20 countries in Europe and more than 20 in the US, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Jané was born in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, and boasts over 75 years of experience in the pram and nursery industry, having been the leader in the Spanish industry for many years. Manuel Jané Vidal proudly created a stroller for his new born son, Ramon. It caused admiration among friends and neighbors encouraging him to build a couple of strollers which folded up making them far more convenient. He took his creations to one of Barcelona’s leading department stores and the first orders came through, just one week later. Jané began to manufacture folding strollers, with many more product innovations to follow over the years.

Children’s safety is paramount and when researching and developing new products, Jané aims to exceed industry regulations. Jané’s design and technology innovations ensure that all products are designed for babies’ health as well as safety. The company is committed to developing revolutionary products which are protected by patents to produce superior stroller and car seat equipment that outperforms the competition.

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The strength of JANÉ GROUP as a brand is based in two distinguishing values.

Firstly, the brand’s commitment to solidarity is backed by our history, evidenced by our studies on child passenger safety, our education programs where we teach children vial and car safety education.

The second is the fact that our product range is based on continuous research and product development. Our product philosophy has remained constant; to offer the best, most distinctive and unique products while ensuring that they have been carefully developed in order to give the best performance possible. We also strive to pass along advantages to our customers by offering them, and most especially, their children, special features and characteristics which can’t be found in products from other brands.

A number of products and brands with wide distribution have appeared on the market lately, products strongly based on trends and style, designed for short-term use. These products don’t last as the client eventually realizes what is truly behind this type business and doesn’t easily forgive this sort of company’s lack of vision for the future and a serious commitment to research and the world of infants. JANÉ GROUP’s strategy has always been the polar opposite to this type of frivolity. The company was founded in 1932 and our philosophy is to perpetuate and strengthen as a business. That JANÉ is a leader in babycare is unquestionable. Our ability to communicate, our sense of responsibility and our unflagging implication make our obligation to society a completely natural one. That is what makes us different, original and absolutely authentic.

Our brands


The premium

  • Distribution: Specialized shops

  • Markets: Europe, Asia


The traditional
widespread brand

  • Distribution: Specialized shops

  • Markets: All continents

be cool

The balanced
price-design brand

  • Distribution: Specialized shops

  • Markets: Europe, Asia


The quote
driven brand

  • Distribution: Discount shops

  • Markets: Spain

Jané Crash Test research center, going beyond regulatory requirements

Image Crashtest 1
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Providing children’s car seats that get safer and safer every day and that minimise the injuries that children suffer in traffic accidents is the objective that Jané aims to achieve in its own child safety research and development centre.

The JANÉ CRASH TEST CENTER was created in 2003 when, as a result of the company’s commitment to child safety, it decided to set up its own research and development centre, where it could put the car seats to the limit to take safety beyond the regulatory requirements. The laboratory is the only private crash tunnel in Spain and is one of the most advanced in the world. It is equipped in accordance with ECE regulations and is set up to stage crashes at a greater speed than those defined in the EURO-NCAP test protocol.

The JANÉ CRASH TEST CENTER makes it possible to design child safety products that have been subjected to tests that are even stricter than those required by regulations and test the products as many times as necessary to offer one of the most tested seats on the market and with the strictest certification of Europe. The laboratory consists of a catapult type crash tunnel, designed exclusively for car safety seats, that allows for different speeds of impact (up to more than 65Km/h with decelerations or forces over 40 g). Three types of crashes can be tested: frontal, rear and side, thanks to the swivel platform. The tests are carried out with all the groups of child safety seats, from new born up to 36 kilos. The Jané laboratory has all the P series of dummies and also has all the dummies available in the advanced Q series (dummies fitted with state-of-the-art technology with sensors, accelerometers, etc. and with advanced biofidelity). Each car seat is tested with the dummy with the right size and weight for the group being tested. These dolls, whose body is a replica of the representative child for each group or age, are made with maximum biofidelity and with sensors that measure decelerations on different parts of the body, as well as torsion, bending or intrusions that occur to critical parts of the baby’s body. After each crash precise readings are obtained from each of these sensors, which, along with the visual inspection and readings offered by the high speed cameras (more than one thousand images per second) help us to improve and provide the best options for our products. The Jané laboratory has also been recently updated with all the technology necessary to carry out the tests defined in the future “isize” regulations, so a new seat has been introduced with a special test protocol for side crashes. The new Isofix specifications have also been introduced. The introduction of the dummies of the new Q series has completed the total renovation and updating of the laboratory, equipping it so it is still one of the most advanced specialist testing laboratories in the world. Thanks to the constant research carried out at the Jané “Crash Test Research Center” laboratory, assessments of the highest level have been achieved, placing the Jané Safety Systems right at the top. This is the case of the Montecarlo R1 seat that was awarded 4 stars at the Eurotest, and is one of the most popular restraint systems.


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